The Graduate School Department of Forest Science, as a place where ambitious and motivated students can pursue learning in line with their individual goals, such as by deepening the expertise in forest science that they acquired during their undergraduate studies or broadening their research horizons in forest science by exploring its associated fields.
Department of Forest Science: We seek to promote world-class education and research in fields including the biological, environmental, resource, and social sciences as they relate to forests and to train professional personnel capable of solving basic and applied problems of forests relating to ecological processes and sustainable management.
Education System
In the Graduate School Department of Forest Science, students can select their research supervisors from the faculty members of core laboratories of the department, and also from those of the Asian Natural Environmental Science Center or the University of Tokyo Forests for their masterfs or doctoral research.
Department of Forest Science (Masterfs Course) Lectures


Offered in 2023

Offered in 2024

Subject Name

Basics in Silviculture
Advanced Forest Soil Science
Environmental Forest Botany
Tree Physiology
Forest Entomology
Soil Zoology
Forest Mensuration
Forest Valuation
Forest Economics
Economics of Resources and Environment
Forest History
Advanced Forest Utilization
Forest Civil Engineering
Forest Machinery and Operation
Advanced Forest Hydrology
Hydraulics of Sediment Transport
Advanced Forest Harvesting Engineering
Landscape Engineering
Environmental Design
Advanced International Forestry
Forest Ecology
Forest Hydrological Processes
Forest Functional Biology
Forest Science Overseas Training I
Forest Science Seminar I

Forest Ecology and Society
Advanced Silviculture
Tropical Forest Science
Advanced Forest Botany
Forest Pathology
Advanced Forest Ecology
Environmental Zoology and Ethics
Advanced Forest Management
Forest Planning
Forest Policy
Forest Policy in Europe and its Influence
Advanced Erosion Control Engineering
Forest Operations System
Planning of Erosion Control
Environmental Physics of Forest
Revegetation Engineering
Landscape Architecture
Forest Recreation
Sustainable Forest Management
Advanced Forest Ecosystem Science and Management
Forest Dynamics
Biodiversity Science
Forest Utilization and Management System
Forested Watershed Management
Forest Gene Resource Utilization
Forest Management Study
Forest Symbiotic Biology
Forest Science Overseas Training II
Forest Science Seminar II

10 or more credits are necessary, with each subject earning 2 credits

Graduate School Entrance Examination
Entrance examinations are held every year in August to qualify for the masterfs course and in February for the doctoral course. Also, it is recommended that students intending to take the examination contact faculty members in the laboratory where they wish to study in order to confirm details, such as the content of their research project, the research circumstance, and the possibility of acceptance prior to application. Application guidance for recruitment for the following academic year is held annually around June, so please take advantage of this opportunity. Additionally, for application guidance and the latest information about entrance examinations, please visit the homepage of the Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, the University of Tokyo.

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