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Pursuing sustainable forest management by evaluating the multiple benefits of forests
Forests provide not only timber, but also various benefits related to environmental conservation, including the prevention of forest disasters, water conservation, biodiversity, and carbon dioxide sequestration. These benefits are referred to as a “public benefit” because they benefit an unspecified large number of people. We are conducting research on the adequate planning and management of forests, which are crucial to maintaining and sustainably developing forest functions. We are also conducting practical and theoretical research on forest inventory, growth and yield prediction, as well as on forest resource monitoring using remotely sensed data, which are the basis of planning and evaluating forests.
  ●Developing forest management plans using geographic information systems (GIS)
  ●Assessing carbon sequestration by forests according to the Kyoto Protocol
  ●Developing growth and yield models for multi-storied plantation forests
  ●Assessing maturity based on age class distribution of plantation forests
  ●Analyzing stand structure using high-resolution remotely sensed data
Akihiko ITO
Associate Professor
Assistant Professor
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