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Laboratory of Forest Biogeosciences

Exploring the interactions between the atmosphere, water, soil and forest on a global scale
Study of the interactions between the forest, water and atmosphere has spread from the regional scale investigating how forests mitigate floods and how water and material circulation are involved in forest development and maintenance to the global influence of the existence of forests on the climate system. We are also aiming to elucidate the mechanisms of earth and sediment migration in mountainous areas, such as landslides and debris flows, to develop mitigation and prevention measures for sediment-related disasters.
  ●The influence of forests on global climate formation
  ●Development of a quantitative evaluation method of water source recharge function
  ●Tree physiology ecology related to broad area/local area environment formation
  ●Study on the mechanisms of sediment dynamics in mountainous areas and sediment disaster prevention
  ●Relationship between thermal and material circulation and hydrological processes of terrestrial ecosystems
Tomo'omi KUMAGAI
  Norifumi HOTTA
Associate Professor
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 Department of Forest Science, The University of Tokyo