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Forest operations engineering and management for pursuing truly sustainable forest resource utilization
Sustainable forest management begins with recognizing the interdependence among the environmental, economic, and social values that our forests provide, and acknowledging the need for balance among them. We intend to help achieve that balance for present and future generations by developing decision support tools for cost effective and environmentally friendly forestry operations using GIS, and analyzing forest road network and structure to minimize soil erosion and landslide risks as well as to protect forest resources and wildlife habitats.
  ●Feasibility of and problems related to the realization of “smart forestry”
  ●Harvesting and transportation systems and supply chain management of forest biomass
  ●Contribution and technical education of chainsaw operations in logging systems
  ●Transition of forest road engineering based on existing studies
  ●Information sharing and standardization in the demand-supply matching chain
Associate Professor
  Hyun Bae KIM
Project Assistant Professor
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 Department of Forest Science, The University of Tokyo