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Towards creating living spaces in harmony with the beautiful landscape of the natural environment
This laboratory was established in 1916 as a branch chair of the Silviculture Laboratory at the Department of Forestry. In 1973, the chair was redesigned and the current laboratory system was built. Our professional subjects concern the whole research field of landscape architecture such as the history of Japanese gardens, planning and management of protected areas and urban parks, and tourism issues. Living spaces consist of various natural and cultural elements that are affected both directly and indirectly by human activity. We are focusing on the relationship between man and nature in urban and rural areas.
  ●Conservation of natural and cultural landscapes
  ●Design and management of recreational sites in urban areas
  ●Planning of resort areas and outdoor recreational uses
  ●Visual information processing technology for forest landscape planning
  ●Historical relationship between the landscape and human life
  Kiyotatsu YAMAMOTO
Associate Professor
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 Department of Forest Science, The University of Tokyo